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Author: Jeremiah Jefferson


Why Am I So Angry? Guide on causes, symptoms, and treatments. 

Recent statistics by World News and Reports shows that 55 per cent of adults are stressed, a figure that is almost as high as the amount in Greece whose population has been the most stressed out in the world from a recent Gallup’s global emotions report which polled more than 150,000 people in 143 different countries.

While 45 per cent are worried, 22% are angry. It means that at least, one in every ten American is fierce right now, as you read this. And these people can snap anytime and anywhere.

Who are the individuals at the forefront of gun violence?

Angry people who have access to guns! You know how you react when you are angry, you smash things, break things and even get into physical fights. The information online about anger management is endless. But they offer little or no solution. The anger techniques you keep reading on the internet would fail you.

Until you realize that the key to anger management is self-awareness and understanding, you would be caught in an infinite loop. We are actively involved in ‘anger management’ that we lack basic understanding. Understandings that anger isn’t bad because it is a normal human emotion. And there is no right or bad side when dealing with the argument. I approach anger from an angle of self-realization and actualization to offer a solution to real-life happenings.

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