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An action-packed Western, Bullet Proof is a thrilling and suspenseful tale of revenge and love.


He’s got a score to settle…

For the past nine years, Scott Logan has made his fortune in gold, out in California.

But he doesn’t care about any riches – he did it all for his true love, Yvonne Kyle.

He’s been in love with Yvonne since they were sixteen years old – but Yvonne’s father Oren Kyle was against him from day one.

Owner of the OK ranch, Oren Kyle was so against Logan, he forbid the boy to come onto his land.

Not that Logan took any notice. Now, Logan’s back in Wyoming and his determination to marry Yvonne is as strong as ever.

But Kyle managed to get wind of his return and the OK ranch is patrolled better than a Sheriff’s office.

Things aren’t that much better in the local town of Clear Springs.

The sheriff Ray Teague seems to be in Kyle’s pocket – and his deputy, Bob Otter, has a look in his eye that Logan doesn’t like…

To make matters worse, he learns that Yvonne is engaged to be married to the town lawyer, Felix Grover.

Not that he has any time to fall into despair – Kyle’s men are already in town to ‘deal’ with Logan.

Including the OK ranch foreman, Spike Milton, and the two gun partners, Drogo Leat and Noll Kerr.

But all those years in California taught him how to draw fast and as deadly as a rattlesnake.

His enemies, Oren Kyle, even the law may try to kill him, but they’ll soon find out that Logan is Bullet Proof…

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