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Wes Davis returns to Vista Falls years later, haunted by the child he never met. Sage Breville, his former girlfriend, faces regret for their past decisions. When Wes reappears, memories flood back, forcing them to confront what could have been.

Can they overcome past wounds and find forgiveness, or is it too late for a second chance at love?


Wes Davis left Vista Falls when the girl he loved got pregnant and decided they were too young and irresponsible to be parents. He signed the adoption papers, but he never stopped loving the baby he’d never met. Years passed, success found him, but there was a hole in his heart and life that he knew only one thing could fill. His son. Sage Breville was stunned to learn her ex-boyfriend was back in town.

With him came a rush of memories and questions about the kind of life they could have had if she’d been brave enough to stand up to her parents years ago and raise the child she’d so desperately wanted with the man she loved. There were some wounds time couldn’t heal, and Sage was convinced there was no way back for them. But did Wes see it her way or was he ready to forgive… and move on?

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