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Now Your Book Is Published, What Now?

First, congratulations on the publication of your book, our Book Marketing Team are ready to promote your book and let us help you share your book arcoss the globe. Advertising your book and promote your author deals is an one of several methods to start the ball rolling in the Kindle marketing and book promotion world. The overall goal is getting your book seen on Amazon and Google searches to collect book reviewers. Having great reviews will then aid to snowball sales. Can be a long, windy path, there is no instant get quick book promotion system, so the more methods to promote your book the greater the chance of Kindle reviews.

Add your book to our established Kindle book library directory to gain more exposure to thousands of potential readers today! And depending on package share your book on PlaneteBooks social media community, FaceBook, Twitter and Pinterest pages from an ever growing number of US, UK and global readers.

PlaneteBooks is born out of a passion for reading. This passion has allowed us to create and grow active social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, followed by genuine Kindle owners and avid book readers. Review our author book promotion packages today!

Book Author Marketing Services

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Promote Your Book

From social media to paid advertising, our author marketing services are here to help no matter your budget to grow your audience, build long-lasting relationships and sell more books.

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Showcase Your Book

All publicity is good publicity, the more exposure for your book and the more book outlets the better! Get featured on our book library now!

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Mock-up Book Banner

The bestselling authors have stunning book promotion images, we have a low cost solution, Grab our ready-made mock-ups or custom book promotions today!

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Video Book Trailers

Video advertising is now an essential part of every marketing toolkit otherwise you’re missing a key opportunity to sell your book. Order affordable promo book trailers, upload to Amazon, YouTube and more!

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Frequently asked questions

Our apologies for reduced services, we are revaluating our top tier marketing plans and creating several book platforms to provide an even better marketing service in the near future. 

Thank-you for your patience and your continued support, this is greatly appreciated.

We create a dedicated promotional page on our book library featuring details about your book.  A simple but trusted SEO mechanism to boost your book. 

  • 100% Organic method.
  • Boost your book ranking.
  • Drive Real traffic.
  • Social media promotion (Plan B+C).

Adding your book to our book site(s) provides extra juice to search engines.  We add a direct link to Amazon for a potential book sales.

Depending on your chosen package we will share your book to our social media community, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages from an ever growing number of US, UK and global readers.

Yes, we can still create a page for you and publish before your book is launched or on the day of launch.

As we promote children books we do not accept explicit erotica book images or books not within Amazon book guidelines.

Yes indeed – anything linked to writing/reading/literary world we would be happy to create a promo page.

  • Your Amazon or book store link (i.e. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, author website etc.).
  • HQ book cover image.
  • You can add a different book synopsis/book description from Amazon for better SEO (Optional).
  • Let us know your promotion book dates (Optional).

Dependent on many factors, from book cover, book title and description to the book genre therefore difficult to judge on book sales and reviews.  At the moment we can’t guarantee sales.

We will re-launch our comprehensive book marketing plans in the near future which will be a more detailed marketing strategy to drive book sales with the specific genre and target audience.

As Amazon is the biggest known online book shop, we are focused to maintain high search optimization.

However we can direct to any bookstore, i.e. Barnes and Noble, Waterstones, ABEbooks, BookOutlet, Rakuten and Apple Store etc.

Of course! We enable social share buttons on all pages so that you can share by email, on Facebook (Meta), Twitter, and many other social networks. This will help increase exposure to the page and your book. You can also use the interview on any other website. Please add a link back to your promo page.

Independent, trusted book reviews are in our business plans, we will let you know once launched.

Yes, we do book mock-ups, cover design, description writing and much more. 

We are in the process in the launching new book marketing plans and author services, check back soon!

Yes, please see our book cover design page for details.

For basic packages, once we have all your book information and graphics, our aim is to complete within 3 business days.   

If you have any queries on our author book services please Contact Us

What Our clients say

Comprehensive and responsive. One of the best SEO gigs I've received, as it's so well targeted to the people who are going to websites for book lovers. Will use again, thanks!
Beautiful work! Excellent communication and Super friendly, too! Very easy and wonderful experience! Very detailed and thoughtful. I am a very Happy customer! Thank you for another excellent job!! 🙂
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Krissy Falzon
Excellent communications and fast turnaround at a very competitive price. I highly recommend this seller and would use again. Thanks for the great service.
The-Quest-for-the-Wizards-Ring-by-Author-Robert-A-Valle photo
Quintin Angus
The order was done to the detail as described and created a great author page on their site for my book with SEO 'juice'. Delivered on time! Much appreciated! Highly recommended!
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Cara Iris Miller

Book Boost

Maximize your audience reach by advertising to our avid readers worldwide

Social Media broacast

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest marketing with a direct Amazon link to increase book sales.

Your own book promotion page

Add to our book library for more visibility in Google searches

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We don't remove book pages from our site, our library has 1,500+ books and growing

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