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Reviewers call this book “TURBOCHARGED,” with “captivating stories,” that are “timely,” and full of “rich examples.” They also say it is “well-written,” and a “compelling, must-read book.”


Building Communities of Hope helps us move forward, empowered and purpose-filled. Community building is real, practical, and inspirational. Here’s some of what you’ll find:

  • An 11-year-old who mobilized his city to care for its homeless.
  • A model of recovery on a motorcycle.
  • The guy who came home to die, and lived to transform his community.
  • The little old lady in purple tennis shoes.
  • Holding onto hope when the going gets rough.
  • Multiplying wealth in its many forms.
  • From a broom closet to sweeping change.
  • The harmonics of our lives.
  • Steering the snorting beast of our dreams.

When communities face serious challenges, life can be hard. Yet we prevail. Everyday heroes are community builders who mobilize others, bringing positive change. We can be fueled by hope, empowering our communities. Let’s move forward to excite, inspire, and mobilize one another.

This book is about all of us, everyday heroes like you and me! Chapters provide stories and practical resources for how to: overcome obstacles, use practical strategies for community building, support one another to greatness, become a beacon of hope, and have power for the journey. Ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things – especially when we collaborate. Whatever our challenges, we can create amazing results by working in collaboration.

Want practical tools to bring hope and empower your life?

This book gives you tools and resources to make positive, long-lasting change. We all learn from people like the community in economic difficulty that mobilized resources to empower others (that seemed miraculous).There are resources for shaping the energy that can fuel hope, and for building partnerships of compassion.

Building Communities of Hope is full of examples about how people overcome challenges like despair, economic setbacks, natural disasters, prejudice and racism, health issues, and limited resources.

There are stories about diverse communities with “mojo” from Philadelphia to New Orleans, the Netherlands to Puerto Rico, and New Mexico to Wyoming.

“Living in the Slipstream” enables us to power up, transmute tragedy into action and hope, and mobilize one another to greatness. There are chapters that give you resources for holding onto hope when the going gets rough. We learn how to maximize the harmonics of our lives.

What will this book provide you? It will help you:

  • See yourself as a positive agent of change,
  • Expand and deepen your own hope,
  • Build your ability as a leader to mobilize people,
  • Become a model for others.

It will provide you tools and resources that will turbocharge your life. It helps all of us to multiply wealth in its many forms.

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