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Explore the chilling world of psychic Jocelyn Wild in ‘Demons Also Dream,’ a dark fantasy that blurs horror and fantasy, offering a unique twist on the supernatural genre. Author Ava Lock weaves a tale reminiscent of Clive Barker, blending the macabre with elements of horror and fantasy, creating a captivating introduction to her compelling storytelling.


Hell hath no Fury like Fury.
Joscelyn Wild is psychic but lonely. As a suspense writer who dreams about murders while they’re happening, she’s secretly fascinated by the supernatural, especially the realm of demons. For the past seven years, her chilling psychic visions have inspired a best-selling book series loaded with crime, clairvoyance, and telepathy…. Real life is disappointing by comparison.

But eventually, even the most evil villains die.

And if their souls escape the Grim Reaper, Lucifer summons Fury.

Blessed with fiery supernatural powers, Hell’s top bounty hunter surfaces with her demon helpers whenever one of these damned ghosts skips out on Death.

Nobody escapes Fury.
Chilling suspense, pursuit plots, ghost hunting—it all makes for great thrillers.

But one fateful Christmas Eve, Joss falls for a crazed fan’s charm and wakes up as a prisoner in a purple, yes, purple, haunted house. Don’t worry. She won’t be alone in her misery for long—Fury rises as her loyal guardian, protecting their unbreakable bond.

Dreams and reality intertwine in this demon fantasy series starter, blurring the line between good and evil, with the destiny of both hanging in the balance.

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