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Manage My Meditation teaches readers that you may not be able to stop all stress in your life, but you can build a large source of resiliency to contain it. This is a journey not a destination, so the time to start down your own road to happiness and success is right now.


Do you feel depressed, unmotivated, or struggle with “brain fog”? Would you like to learn how to live with clarity and purpose, based on your heart’s desire? If so, Manage My Meditation will teach you proven and powerful meditation techniques that anybody can learn in under a week, even if you have tried meditation before and failed, or you have a hectic schedule and barely have time to breathe.

In this life-changing, but practical meditation guide, internationally renowned lecturer and meditation expert Dr. Kenneth Martz draws on a lifetime of personal meditation experience and over 20 years of teaching others how to meditate and overcome a multitude of life challenges to offer you a selection of easy meditation exercises that are sure to help you find inner balance, calm your racing mind after a long day at work, and organize your thoughts, so that you can live a purpose-driven life and find success.

In this mindful meditation and deep relaxation book, you will learn:

– Why meditation has been an important part of over 500 million people’s lives, since 5,000 BC… and why it will work for you, too
– Proven Yoga meditation methods that have been used for thousands of years with excellent results, including simple breathing exercises and Yoga postures that will bring you calmness and clarity of mind in just minutes
– A 7-Day ‘Meditation 101’ program that anybody can use to quickly learn to meditate and steadily improve your natural abilities to manage stress and reduce anxiety
– Inspirational quotes from historical meditation personalities to keep you on track
– How to find motivation to succeed, passion for life and learn to cherish positive relationships with spouses, your children and your friends
– How to develop the self-confidence that you have the skills to successfully meditate and continue to establish a lifelong meditation practice to transform your life.

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