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The Kingdom of Nought by Author Michael O’Farrell – Get ready for a magical journey filled with courage and friendship in this thrilling adventure! Join Rebecca and her unlikely ally, Rona, as they find themselves whisked away to the mystical Kingdom of Nought. With talking animals and mathematical magic, they must confront the evil witch, Queen Sycorax, and her sinister army to save their world from darkness.

Reminiscent of the Narnia series, this enchanting tale, complete with beautiful illustrations, will captivate young readers and leave them cheering for Rebecca’s bravery and kindness.


Join Rebecca on a thrilling adventure where courage, friendship, and a touch of magic collide in a battle against darkness.

It’s just another regular Monday morning for schoolgirl Rebecca or so she thinks as she catches the suburban train to school. Little does she know that she is about to embark on a wild adventure, along-side her arch rival, the red-haired Rona.

Suddenly they are whisked away to the mystical Kingdom of Nought, a land where animals can talk and there is no time, only mathematical magic and all live on borrowed time.

Rebecca and Rona are the first to have ever moved from the Universe of One to Nought. But the question, is how are they going to get back?

The evil witch, Queen Sycorax rules over the Kingdom and all transport in and out of Nought but she and her sinister army have plans to extinguish all light and life from Universes One and Minus One.

Can this ordinary schoolgirl from Universe One save the day with a sprinkle of logic and a dash of kindness?

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