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The second instalment in Alan Savage’s thrilling RAF series, Death in the Sky continues the saga of the Bayley family. Death in the Sky traces the brothers’ fortunes, both in the air and on the ground, until a climactic last battle. It’s a thoroughly-researched book, written with great attention to detail and is consequently just as appealing to those with an interest in military history or aviation as to those who enjoy family sagas.


Following the surrender of France in 1940, Nazi Germany begins to plan the invasion of Great Britain, for which it needs complete air superiority.

Flying a Messerschmitt 109 is Lieutenant Max Bayley, son of flying ace Mark Bayley and his aristocratic German wife. At the age of twenty-one, he is already one of the Luftwaffe’s leading pilots.

Flying a Spitfire for Fighter Command is his older half-brother, John. He is also Mark’s son, but with an English mother.

When Max joined up, he had had no idea that Germany and England would ever go to war. Now he regrets his decision but stands by his comrades. Like most German airmen, he has little understanding of the true depravity of the Nazi regime.

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