Reflection in Time book

Author: Gail Kueker

The Dress, begins with Dallas and Alex in the modern day, on the hunt for a dress for the dance that will be taking place later in the novel. But not just any dress, a dress that stands out, something that’s different from the typical trends they would find on other girls at school. Then, after they find a dress that catches their attention, or seems to suit – at least for the time being.

We then jump timelines to the dressmaker’ Francine, in 1940’s Chicago. We then learn the story of her coming into success as a dressmaker, and a designer and how over time she’s given the chance to open her own business by Mrs. Prentice-Hall. Mrs. Prentice-Hall’s connection brings so much more than just a business opportunity.

The book is a quick read for the ages 17 and up. The Dress, is a great read for those that love books with parallel times and romance! The Dress, reminds us that some love stories last a lifetime.

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