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Author: Lucia Muntean

Riddley-Doodley Drawings 1: US Edition” is a collection of engaging activities designed by an experienced educator to help children exercise the fine motor skills required for handwriting.


Here’s how “Riddley-Doodley Drawings 1: US Edition” works:

1. The activities helps children practice the graphic signs that make up letters in a context that makes sense to them such as the drawing of a little Eskimo, for example. The drawing accomplished at the end of each activity serves as a tangible and meaningful objective, creating willingness to repeat the activities and thus to practice the fine motor skills required for handwriting.

2. The rhymes that accompany each activity serve both as step-by-step drawing instructions as well as a riddle to be solved at the end. They create the opportunity for the parent or educator to participate in the children’s activity in a gradual manner: first by reading them while demonstrating the drawing, then just by reading them while the children is drawing and eventually just by guessing the answer to the riddle once the children can say the rhymes and do the drawing by themselves.

3. The activities are a great way to contribute to children’s self-confidence. Once children learn to say the rhymes and do the drawing, they enjoy the satisfaction of having completed a full development journey that started with the example provided by the parent or educator and ended with them being able to do everything by themselves.

Created by Lucia Muntean, an educator with +40 years of classroom experience, these activities were enjoyed and appreciated by generations of children before finding their way to you and your family.

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