The Rules Of The Money Making Game by Mariyan Genchev

The Rules Of The Money Making Game by Mariyan Genchev

The Rules Of The Money Making Game by Mariyan Genchev kindle

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Money making is easy, it is just like a game, and as such it can be mastered, regardless how difficult it might look at first. Of course, we have to learn the rules before start playing. Practicing the game and playing by the rules will eventually make us good at it – that is all we will need in order to win. But this comes up with a price – we should work really hard and believe in ourselves to achieve that. There are two main aspects that we must keep under consideration when we talk about transitioning from the poor and middle class to the 3% of the people that are rich.These aspects can be generally described as: psychological and practical.From psychological point of view, the main reason why we are not rich at the moment, is most probably the fact that we are not resourceful enough. This means that we should build a solid base of knowledge that will help us with our journey to success. This book will provide the basics on what we need to know and how to start building our wealth and become financially independent, including:What is the difference between the Mindsets of the rich and the poor; Basics of “Change management” and what within us prevents us from being successful; Time is money or what we need to know about managing our time more efficiently; Understanding personal motivation and how to turn it into habit.The second part of the book is looking at the practical side of making money and includes: Essential principles we need to know about money; What are the different kinds of budgets and how to create our first budget; How to get debt free before we start investing; How to make money work for us. The Rules of the Money Making Game is all about learning how to play and win the game.About the author:Dr. Mariyan Genchev is an example of a person of the new age. Although he is in his mid-thirties, he has a lot of experience in store. He ceaselessly develops himself in different spheres of the social life like management and many more. He never stops looking for opportunities to learn from everything around him. His curiosity in combination with his creative abilities incite him to occupation in the field of the psychology among the rest of his interests. He finds satisfaction in helping people, in guiding others to be successful and self-confident in their lives. Due to his analytical mind and knowledge gathered during his occupation as a part time Assistant at the university, he discovers easy tricks and clever ways that can help people in our modern and entangled world to overcome the stress at work, to be successful employees and to be well paid for the job done. Dr.Mariyan Genchev publishes his first book “The Rules of the Money Making Game” in 2019. It is a book analyzing difficult questions connected with money like “Why is money never enough?” and “How to become rich?”. Managing money is a game and as long as you know the rules you have an advantage while playing it that will help you win. Money – it can be an enemy, that you have to fight or a friend indeed for your whole life. Find your answers and discover your way to achieve happiness and be successful in the book “The Rules of the Money Making Game” by Dr.Mariyan Genchev.

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