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Money. That was my New Year’s resolution for 2018. And as vague as that is, it was the only one I’ve ever stuck with.

In one year, I became a self-taught, financially literate, successful money-saver, and frugal money-spender while also getting out of credit card debt and investing in myself and my future – all while still traveling and enjoying my life!

I spent hundreds of hours pouring over personal finance books, podcasts, blogs, videos, and apps and documented it all so I could share the lessons I learned everything on money that they don’t teach us in school. As an educator myself, I felt compelled to share my story (and best tips and tricks) to help others on their journey to becoming financially intelligent.

This is a tangible, relatable, down-to-earth, up-to-date, well-rounded guide for improving your finances. You’ll learn how to:

Set goals

Travel on the cheap

Lower your interest rates

Navigate the holidays

Consolidate retirement accounts

Open a Roth IRA

Invest in mutual funds & ETFs

Navigate the holidays

Save on groceries (without cutting coupons).

And lots more!

If you’re just getting started, learn how I did it from scratch so you can too. If you’re already living frugally, saving for retirement, and investing for your future, you’re still sure to learn plenty of skills to help you develop new money habits that stick. In the end, you’ll have a checklist with 101 steps – try as many money tasks as you can!

After nearly a decade of ignoring my growing debt and scraping by without a budget, I woke up one morning and decided, “Today’s the day to change.” Make today your day. Invest in yourself and commit to your 365-day money resolution now!

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