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“The Loss: A Fragile Journey Women’s Poetry” by Rae Greenwood is a powerful collection of poems that delves into the emotional ups and downs, as well as the transformative nature, of experiencing a miscarriage or pregnancy loss. Losing a wanted baby is an indescribable pain, and the author beautifully captures the profound emotions and anguish that accompany such a devastating loss.

Through the heartfelt verses in this collection, readers are invited to embark on a cathartic journey of grief and healing. Each poem serves as a vessel for the author’s own grief, allowing her to pour out her emotions and slowly find solace in the process. As the poems progress, there is a gradual transformation, reflecting the journey of recovery day by day.

With its raw honesty and heartfelt expression, “The Loss: A Fragile Journey Women’s Poetry” stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of art to provide solace in times of profound sorrow.


A miscarriage or pregnancy loss can be a terrible thing. Losing a wanted baby is a pain that is almost indescribable. The emotions and pain can feel almost other worldly. Through these poems, I was able to pour out my grief and slowly recover day by day. I hope this collection may bring help and peace to others going through a similar loss.

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