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We go through life thinking that we’re educated but do not understand why certain things happen to us or why life is the way it is. The 9 Secrets To A F*cking Fabulous Life is a 9 step guide to understanding and taking control of what is important. When the 9 step secrets are followed, your life will be nothing but amazing.

Ali Hayalie’s approach towards looking at life backed by research and straight to the point instructions creates a simple yet effective recipe to living the good life. Using his own life experiences, Hayalie managed to find the blueprint of positive thinking through applying these 9 secrets.

Hayalie makes the argument of that when you follow your passion, money will follow. Follow your passion and you will not feel like you’re working a day in your life. Focus on your positives and grow in your niche. If you think that your negative habits are getting in the way of your dreams, make sure you eliminate those negative habits or at least begin work on eliminating them. Start understanding the Law of Attraction, your thoughts become your reality.

Conscious of peoples time and busy lives, Hayalie keeps his points short but powerful enough to change your life!

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