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This is a series of short stories about two naughty dog’s Yani and Molly Who cause destruction and chaos wherever they go.

Yani and Molly is a story of life and love with two very bad dogs. Yani is a big goofball who is clumsy, she believes she is a champion and royalty. Molly is an English Bulldog who believes she is a Canadian Bulldog (one of a kind the only Canadian Bulldog in existence). Both Yani and Molly are extremely silly dogs with big personalities. These stories are one frenzied moment after another. The series of stories are filled with a lot of humor. This is a story for the young and the young at heart!

Why did a man die of fright atop a coal pile after disappearing for days, and why could no scientists identify the strange ointment found on his body? Where had he been? And what had happened to him?

How could a man be found after a plane crash, lying on a moor, with no injuries at all; yet his body had not been there when the plane had crashed and searchers had combed the area multiple times looking for him.


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