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“A Marquess’ Miraculous Transformation” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.


After the death of her father, an esteemed doctor, Lavender Philips is left without money or social respect. When her friend, Melora, informs her of a work opportunity at the estate of a nobleman, Lavender sees this as a chance to finally move forward. She might be hired as a simple servant, but her father’s legacy of medical knowledge is still within her. Therefore, when the Marquess needs her, she is willing to offer her help and ends up nursing his broken heart too… As their special connection starts growing, Lavender realises he might be her one true soulmate. With her heart beating faster whenever they are together, could this be the beginning of a powerful love?

The Marquess Ronan Beckman has found himself injured in the midst of a robbery. He is therefore in desperate need of a maid who can offer medical support as well. When he meets the charming Miss Philips, he sees that there is something so unique about her, that it makes him abandon his usual arrogance and selfishness. However, when Lady Foster, a woman that had always been after Ronan’s title, sees that he is recovering, she places herself back in his life. Unfortunately, Lady Foster also soon realises that Lavender is somewhat of a threat to the future she wants for herself and Ronan. Will Ronan manage to make the right choice and realise that Lavender is everything he’s been looking for his entire life?

As Ronan and Lavender grow significantly closer, it is Lady Foster who continues to come between them. As if this wasn’t enough, when a sudden illness strikes, they must decide just how much they trust and love each other. Determined to win this battle, they will fiercely fight for their love until the end. Will the power of their feelings manage to conquer the threat of death and romantic antagonists?

Or will the wounds of the past tear their blooming love apart?

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