A Tribal War That Ended In Romance by Vibert Miller

A Tribal War That Ended In Romance by Vibert Miller

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This is a story of romance, sex, relationships, attempted rape and painful revenge. Archie MacLean, the son of a Scotsman and an African-American woman, is in love with Jennifer Matsokou Andrews, the daughter of a white American man and a Japanese woman. Jenny can trace her ancestry back to the Samurai, and has a sword to prove it. Shenandoah Highwater of the Mohawk tribe, was once married to Moonbeam Running Deer, a Princess of the Chippewa. who is now an attorney; but tribal differences pulled them apart. They are now on a path to reconciliation. Racism reared its ugly head when Archie and Chief, as Shenandoah is sometimes called, were accosted in a bar. Chief would have hurt the man badly, if Archie had not intervened. Enter two hoodlums who were hell bent on raping Jenny and Moonbeam, and almost succeeded. They were let out on bail, but Archie and Shenandoah knew these guys were going to skip bail and run, so they conspired to avenge their women, and make sure these men would never again be able to rape another woman. They skillfully used a natural Florida attribute to achieve this and take painful revenge. These are some of the elements of the story of “a tribal war that ended in romance”

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