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When teen girl 12-year-old Angela is kidnapped by demons,, the police and the FBI conclude that all evidence points to her being a runaway. Her mother, Lindsey, refuses to believe this, but is totally at a loss as to how to proceed without the cooperation of authorities. So when, a few days later, she opens the door to two tall and handsome visitors who claim to be able to help find her daughter, she gladly accepts the offer, setting her on a surreal path into the supernatural that changes her life forever.

Suddenly confronted by the knowledge that the world as she had known it has been a lie, Lindsey has to deal with one startling truth after another, beginning with the knowledge that her daughter has been kidnapped by demons, and that her helpers are, in fact, a band of vampires, a unit of the Vampire Police Force, or the VPF.

But the revelations don’t stop there. As Lindsey slowly finds out why the demons want her daughter, what they plan to do with her, and what it all has to do with her new-found good vampire friends, she is swept away through a surrealistic journey into the supernatural that hardly gives her time to breathe.

To make matters worse, Jason and Jordan Westlake, one the leader of the unit and the other his much-loved younger brother, both lose their hearts to Lindsey, a circumstance develops that can potentially lead to one of the brothers having to kill the other, with no choice in the matter. An ancient vampire condition known as the Blood Rage takes over their thoughts and actions, making the search and rescue of Angela a tense, awkward and very dangerous endeavor in the midst of the horror.

Can the VPF rescue Angela before the demons carry out their nefarious plans? Can the progression of the Blood Rage be contained long enough for a cure to be found before disaster strikes? Will either of the brothers be able to win the heart of Lindsey considering everything else she’s having to contend with? And finally, how will Lindsey handle the knowledge that she and her daughter are more closely tied to the supernatural world than she could have ever imagined?

This supernatural romance series will keep you turning pages till the very surprising end.

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