Top 11 Richest Authors

Behind all dramas, series, stories, movies and novels there is an incredible artistic mind. While it takes many years for many writers to get famous in the field of writing, a few have also been lucky enough to end up as an overnight success. They nourish humanity with their artistic and aspiring work. Every book is knowledge, the genre does not matter, and every book has something of pure magic for their readers. In today’s world, writing has been much more commercialized with more and more movie and merchandising deals. Many writers today are earning more than some of the world’s best leading actors. Here we are giving you the name of the top richest authors of 2017.

11. Stephanie Meyer
Who hasn’t seen at least one of the Twilight movies and or read at least one of the Twilight books? The incredible author behind this young adult vampire romance story is Stephanie Meyer. She wrote the story based on her dreams and completed the first book within just three months. Meyer got a rejection from 14 publishers before finally getting a positive response from Jodi Reamer. In her series the Twilight Saga, she represented a beautiful story of love between a girl and a vampire. Within the first month of its release, it reached the New York Bestseller list. She now owns assets worth over $125 million and growing.



10. Stan Lee

Stan LeeSpider-Man is one of the most successful movie and comic franchises in Hollywood history. The writer of this movie was Stan Lee. Known as the one one-man army; he is a writer, producer, editor, host, actor, and President of Marvel Comics (now owned by Disney). Sadly, Stan is now deceased but previously had a net worth of over $150 million dollars.





9. Dean Koontz

Dean KoontzAt the age of 23 Dean Koontz wrote his first book and at present time he has written over 100 stories and novels. He has a special grip on the Fantasy, Mystery, and Horror genres. His work has appreciated from years of hard work and is now ranked among the most famous and notable writers. His claim to fame books include Demon Seed, Odd Thomas and The Face of Fear. His net worth is over $250 Million.





8. Nora Roberts

This woman is an American best-seller phenomenon, having written more than 296 books. She is most known for her sensational romantic novels. She is also included in America’s Hall of Fame due to her romantic work and imagination. She wrote her first book at the age of 31. Her most notable books includes works such as Tribute, and New York to Dallas. The best thing about this woman is she has no university degree which has helped inspire many like her.  She has a present net worth of about $280 Million.



7. Jim Davis

Jim Davis is very famous due to his comic work creating the legendary Garfield and U.S. Acres. Garfield made Jim Davis globally known and highly sought write. However, Garfield was not his first work of art. He actually started his work with a comic strip called Gnorm Gnat. This comic strip was about bugs and after that, he was advised to change the subject. He received Emmy awards due to his outstanding animated program. He is also a social person and works a lot for Children’s Literacy. This creative writer has net worth of roughly $300 million.



6. John Grisham

John Grisham got a degree in Bachelor of Sciences but his true passion in life was writing. At the age of 34, he published his first book and rose to fame writing many bestseller legal thrillers. Grisham is one of only three authors to sell 2 million copies on a first printing. His most notable work include his first novel, A Time to KillThe Firm, which sold over 7 million copies and was adapted into a feature film (of the same name), starring Tom Cruise. John Grisham currently has assets worth over $325 million.




5. Danielle Steel

One of the wealthiest writers on the planet is Danielle Steel which owns the assets of $350 million, writer of total 93 books and the first book wrote at the age of 31. She was the student of Parsons School of Design at New York University. She is the famous American writer in today’s time and has sold about 800 Million copies of her books worldwide. Her famous books are Until the End of Time, The House, and Johnny Angel.




4. Stephen King

Either you like movies that have a plot of prison and redemption, you must have watched the movie Shaw shank Redemption, the masterpiece of Stephen King. Rita Hayworth is another best piece of work by this well-known and wealthiest writer. His horror work also got fame like Supernatural Fiction, Suspense, Science Fiction and Fantasy.  His inclination towards writing is an interesting story; he was in keen of a teaching job after graduation. To run his pocket money, he started writing short stories for a men magazine. Then after that, he started to work on the ideas of Novels. His Net worth estimated about $450 million


3. Candy Spelling

Most demanded author, which wrote true-based stories and wins everyone’s heart, is Candy Spelling. She got assets of about $650 Million: that made her one of the richest authors of 2017. Her remarkable work is appreciated worldwide. He is like by every genre due to her fiction, horror and famous love stories. She married with Aaron Spelling, the American film producer. Her famous work is Charlie’s Angles and Beverly Hills. She is also a columnist for many newspapers like Huffington Post, Los Angeles.


2. James Patterson

His name has been written in the Guinness books of world records for having the most #1 New York Times bestsellers by a single author (67 in total). He was born in 1947 and wrote his first novel at age 29 called The Thomas Berryman Number. He is currently one of the wealthiest authors with a net worth of over $700 million. He has written many genres and his books have sold over 300 million copies, which included over 114 bestsellers. He was also the first author in the world to sell 1 million e-books. Patterson also works with a variety of co-authors of which includes former U.S President Bill Clinton. In May 2017, Patterson and Clinton announced they have co-written a a crime fiction and suspense novel together titled The President Is Missing, which is due for release June 2018.

1. J.K Rowling

J.K Rowling writes the Harry Potter series. The series is the number one best-selling novel series of all time. Her first book Harry Potter was finished in 1995 and rejected by 12 different publishing houses before finally being accepted. Barry from Bloomsbury became the white knight publisher launching Rowling into the success she is today. Today, the Harry Potter brand itself is said to be worth about $15 billion. J.K Rowling is the only writer in history to have amassed a net worth north of $1 billion dollars.


This was the list of Top ten richest Authors in 2019. These writers dedication and passion has truly made them some of the richest and most famous people on the planet. They all have a dedicated fan following and people are always eagerly waiting to see the next big project will be.

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