Gentle Is the Angel of Death (Nameless: Season Two Book 2) Price: $1.99 (as of 07/22/2022 13:31 PST- Details)

A doctor who believes only the beautiful and unblemished deserve to live is subtly killing off his ill and ‘deformed’ patients. This thriller and suspense short read is a must for all Dean Koontz fans, the author of seventy-nine New York Times bestsellers.


To some he’s a medical genius. To others, a twisted angel of mercy with a necessary solution to what he sees as an ugly dilemma. Only one man can help Dr. Death face the evil of his ways.

Henry Siphuncle has a selfless mission: releasing his patients forever from their distasteful imperfections. It’s for their own good. And the world’s. Even Henry’s own wife didn’t survive his disgust. Nameless has tracked him across the country to an isolated rural community, where the residents are grateful for their new free clinic. For Henry, it might just be the end of the road.

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