Rescued by the Cowboy (Love in Ghost Lake Ranch Book 1) by Amber Duval

Rescued by the Cowboy (Love in Ghost Lake Ranch Book 1) by Amber Duval

rescued by the cowboyEthan Boone and his six brothers have spent the last fifteen years raising cattle on Ghost Lake ranch in the Montana mountains. As remote as it is beautiful, the ranch fills Ethan with pride and purpose. All he wishes he had was someone to share his life, but knows it’s too hard and isolated for most women.
To escape the brutal stranger who kidnapped her, city veterinarian Jessa Cooper jumped from his car trunk and ran for a mile in the snow before passing out. When she wakes up in bed with Ethan Boone she panics, until the handsome cowboy explains that a blizzard knocked out the ranch’s power, and this was the only way to keep her warm. Ethan also promises to keep her safe, but when she impulsively gives in to her desire to touch him, their mutual passions flare out of control.

Jessa’s fear and injuries convince Ethan that her story is true, but a storm has snowed them in at the ranch. While helping Ethan with an injured horse Jessa describes her kidnapper, whom Ethan realizes is one of his neighbors. To keep from alarming her, he seduces her in the hayloft, but the kidnapper marches two of Ethan’s brothers into the barn at gunpoint. When he demands Jessa in exchange, Ethan must risk his life to protect his family and his lady. Yet once the kidnapper has been dealt with, can Ethan convince Jessa to stay at Ghost Lake? Or will the lovely veterinarian head back to her successful life in the city?

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