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The Blur is the third instalment in the no credit series, continues with the excellent characters and a punchy, fun  super hero story featuring a young teen who gains super powers in a most unusual way. Follows his reaction to gaining his super powers and his payback on a society that has dished out a crap existence to his demographic for generations.


The third book in the No Credit Series revolves around Malcolm “Mal” McDonald. 13 year-old Mal lives in Central City, the home of the Red Streak, the fastest man on earth.

Mal is fascinated by the Central City superhero until he learns that the Red Streak does not come to certain parts of city unless “important” people are in trouble. Mal decides to duplicate the shocking origin of the Red Streak to rights some wrongs in Central City. The attempt to become a superhero puts Mal on an unexpected and inevitable path to meet the city hero.

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