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Are humans alone in the universe? Everyone wants to know the answer—until suddenly the truth is staring them in the face.

Fans of Christian science fiction classics such as C. S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy will enjoy Bright Expanse. The questions Lewis asked in postwar Britain are still relevant in postmodern America. Ranging from funny to frightening to thought provoking, Bright Expanse will keep you turning pages until its riveting conclusion. A former research scientist, author Daniel Zeigler wants to move the faith-versus-reason dialog in a new direction. Bright Expanse is volume two in the Brightness Trilogy.

Join Nat Kurt on his journey of discovery! 


The ExPAnSE Project is a bold new advance in SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. With this project, humankind is poised to answer some of its biggest questions. Are we just one of millions of civilizations in the galaxy? Are advanced alien life forms reaching out to us even now? Is Earth ready to join a galactic community of planets? Or instead, are we completely, terrifyingly, alone?

Astronomer Nathaniel Kurt has it all: a brilliant career, a gifted and beautiful wife, a charismatic personality. He’s a private pilot and a musician, a cross between Karl Sagan and a 60s Rock and Roll heartthrob. As Principal Investigator of the ExPAnSE Project, Nat Kurt has reached the pinnacle of success. Announcing “First Contact” with alien intelligence would earn him a place in history.

But when the ExPAnSE Project draws near its goal, Nat Kurt’s life suddenly begins to implode. With all his assumptions shaken, he must even take a hard look at his own skepticism and reconsider the possibility of God. Will Kurt sell out his integrity to avoid personal catastrophe, or will he choose to love truth no matter what the cost?

Big answers to big questions always come at a price. Some answers cost everything.

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