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When mortals turn their backs on gods, those gods will return with a vengeance.

In the first book of the Heroes of Asgard series, Gavyn must accept who—and what—he is, because the forgotten gods of ancient religions have returned. And they’ll no longer be ignored.


Gavyn’s no hero. In fact, after a group of psychos claiming to be Sumerian gods resurface in a destructive display of power and demand the surrender of the world’s heroes, Gavyn only thinks, “Wow. Sucks to be them.” So when an old hag, who’s quite likely an ancient witch, and a young, gorgeous woman, for whom he’d at least pretend to be a hero, show up at his door insisting he’s one of the heroes the Sumerians are after, he’s skeptical…and more than a little annoyed.

But the old witch and supermodel-in-training won’t take no for an answer, and Gavyn finds himself being transported halfway across the world to an actual, honest-to-some-god training camp for men and women who embrace their destinies to safeguard Earth. And while he had every intention of continuing his stubborn refusal to become the hero the Norse gods need him to be, his own ancestor has different ideas. The dreams that connect him to a past no one can remember hint at an old deception, and the Sumerians aren’t the only enemy the Norse will have to face.

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