Race Against Ruin by Tallulah Noles
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Race Against Ruin by Tallulah Noles

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Growing up predictable and average, Emily always did what was expected of her, but she matured into a dedicated college student, ripe for adventure and romance. While researching an assignment online, a charming foreigner offers to help by introducing her to the idea of travelling overseas to volunteer for a humanitarian group that he works with. She ignores her doubts and starts planning her trip.FBI agent Jordan Sutton is 27, single, and takes his job of investigating abducted teenage girls very seriously. Crazy work hours leave him ordering pizza far too often. Jordan is committed to outwitting the vast organized crime network that his task force is after, while avoiding continuous advances from both his partner and a recent one-night stand.Emily’s budding romance leads her down an unexpected path as she finds herself kidnapped, far from home and with no hope of escape. Will Jordan be able to put the pieces together and find her before all traces are lost and she becomes just another sad statistic?In Race Against Ruin, the suspense continues to build as Emily comes to grips with the stark realization that she may never see her mother again. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop reading until you’ve reached the last page of this gripping psychological thriller.

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