Stanley Swanson – Breed of a Werewolf by S.K Ballinger

Stanley Swanson – Breed of a Werewolf by S.K Ballinger

breed of a warewolfStanley Swanson believes that war one day will happen of the creatures of the night but involve humans. He reaches out to a retired journalist ‘Kain’ in hopes that if he shares the secrets with him of both Werewolf and Vampires, that if a war does occur that humans will join sides with the Breed of Werewolf. Kain is then taken on a journey as he and ‘Stanley’ become very close and a friendship is made quickly as Kain agrees to write the journal.
When the knowledge of what Stanley is doing with this mortal is leaked out, the highest of all vampires known as ‘Drackulis’, set a war in place. Stanley’s family is immediately put at risk by a Drackulis known only as ‘Gravakus’. It is then upon Stanley’s return home with Kain that he soon learns that he himself has put his breed and more importantly his family at risk. Finding out later of the attacker, Stanley and his older brother ‘Stephen’ set out to take action upon Gravakus.

As both Stanley and Stephen depart, the war slowly develops by blindsides from both the Werewolf and Drackulis. It is done so by the werewolf ‘Zea’ and the Drackulis known as Gravakus. ‘Sirtimi’ the oldest known Drackulis sets his twin sons ‘Dimitris and Siluk’ out to stop the journal from becoming public to the mortals and to kill the human ‘Kain’ for his interference with their kind. More importantly as the treaty has been broken, the war upon werewolves slowly becomes.

Over time, Kain had wished to be turned to a werewolf but it is against the code of the Lycans and being denied he grows frustrated. Zea asks Kain for a favor to allow him to take him in the past to see who had killed his friend in a war hundreds of years ago. When Kain agrees, he does so not knowing that Zea was wanting to see what it was that a Drackulis put in the mouth of his once friend. Zea knew that Kain had talent and a keen eye in being a journalist and it would prove correct. When Kain returns from the past experience with Zea, he informs him of what caused his friends death. It is then that Zea shares the discovery with the Drackulis in trust that he will not be harmed by them if and when a war were to become.

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