Paradise Palms by Author Jeff Hyndman

Paradise Palms by Author Jeff Hyndman

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Author: Jeff Hyndman

A wonderfully written web of crime, romance and suspense, I highly recommend!” – Book Review

It was supposed to be a fun Florida vacation for Mark and his girlfriend. Their host—Mark’s best friend Chris—lives in the manufactured home community of Paradise Palms in a small town outside of Orlando. But when Chris is arrested and jailed on drug charges Mark’s world quickly spins out of control.

Ten years ago Chris saved Mark from going to jail after Mark killed a college girl in a drunk driving accident. Now the tables are turned and Chris expects Mark’s help, but how far should Mark go to help save his friend?

When Mark promises to help Chris’s drug business survive while Chris is in jail, Mark ends up involved with Chris’s business partner, Jennifer, an exotic dancer. Mary—one of the Paradise Palms residents—has special gifts that can help save Mark from himself, but what path will Mark choose?

In the tight-knit neighborhood of Paradise Palms, Mary’s empathic nature is tested by other challenges from within the community. She is the caretaker of her anxiety-ridden father and of her aging surrogate mother. Patrick, a gay teenager beset by an intolerant father, seeks Mary support, as well.

Paradise Palms central story is Mark’s inner struggle and the ultimate choices he makes. Mark knows that the allure of sex and drugs will not rid him of the demons from his past, but there’s a price to pay on his road to redemption.

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