Who Are You?: First Day Of School (Fargone Book 1) by Dr. Qooz

Who Are You?: First Day Of School (Fargone Book 1) by Dr. Qooz

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Dr. Qooz’ (pronounced as the plural of “Q”) story, Who Are You, is a children’s book for young children ages 2-6. This kid’s book is an introductory story of Gerri, from Fargone. Gerri’s first day of school, alone, portrays a child that is unsure and awkwardly thrust into a crowd that he doesn’t know and how Gerri navigates through this environment of teasing, bullying and finally acceptance. This children’s picture book features vibrant colorful jungle animals that jump right off the page with dialog for a growing child.Who Are You is a joyful Children’s Animal Book, featuring an entertaining distant mystical land of Fargone. This jungle setting class is a whimsical introduction to imagination.Dr. Qooz introduces a night before preparatory story that is a preview and one way the parent can prepare the child by embracing comforting that will survive the morrow.When a child or person is thrust into a new group of people, we immediately have doubts, mistrust and suspicion. Gerri survives this gauntlet alone because his parents have pointed out that everyone is different but special in their own way. Gerri is reassured that the trip to the sitter, new class, preschool or 1st grade is temporary and that his parents will be there to pick him up right after work.Eventually Gerri finds that friendship is born from getting to know his classmates.Many parents have forgotten their personal experience of when they were left alone without Mom and Dad. Gerri’s Children’s Early Learning experience on his first day alone is a reminder of Children’s Issues in School.Dr. Qooz always tries to place the child in a position of learning, awareness, Friendship, Social Skills, School Life and good citizenship.If you eventually ask where is Fargone, then you and your child see the vision through the eyes of your child. Watch for the next Fargone adventure where Gerri takes a field trip, free preview, https://drqooz.com/new-book-lp/

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