The Twisted Way That I Love You by Author S R Fletcher

The Twisted Way That I Love You by Author S R Fletcher

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Author: S.R. Fletcher

Pulls you in from beginning to end, the climax builds continuously throughout the story. Whenever you think the drama has subsided the author hits you with something else future.

Taylor Winters-Parker loved her family and could never imagine living without them. As a young girl, Taylor tragically lost her parents and was left to battle the world alone. With no family and barely any friends, Taylor only had one shoulder to lean on that was Lance. Lance loved Taylor since the first day he laid eyes on her, but was that love going to be enough to heal a broken-hearted Taylor?

Losing one’s parents would take a toll on any person, as it did to Taylor. God only gives you what you can handle, and in Taylor’s case, God expected her to handle a lot.

This is a story of a strong independent woman who has to face trials and tribulations all while maintaining her family. Taylor is hit with many disappointments, ups, and downs, but she manages to get through them. Will Taylor come through on the other side shiny and new, or will the storm batter her so much that she doesn’t survive?

Go through the journey with Taylor as she battles demons far and wide.

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