The Heart Test That Could Save Your Life L M Clay

The Heart Test That Could Save Your Life L M Clay

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With one in four Americans suffering from Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD), we all need to be better informed about the risk of developing CVD and how we can control it if we do. Written by a man who has lost too many friends and family to heart disease, this book explains how a simple and relatively inexpensive test can give you an accurate assessment of your risk of developing CVD. Armed with that knowledge, there are a number of different ways to control the diseases progress.Heart disease is not just the number one killer in the western world, it’s also a silent killer with few if any symptoms in the early stages. It’s not unusual to learn of a family member’s heart problems following their death, but what if you had known before? Would they be alive today? What about those who worry about their cholesterol levels and even take medication but have little or no risk of developing the disease?This book aims to make it easier to understand your doctor’s advice. Written in a down-to-earth style for a non-medical audience, the book makes references to the relevant research and will provide a valuable foundation for an increased understanding of heart disease. It may also help you stay alive a little longer.

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