Shattered Breaking your Illusion to unlock your Mind

Shattered Breaking your Illusion to unlock your Mind

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Author: Titus Hauer


Most of us have several Illusions and false beliefs about life, and that is no surprise since we’ve been lied to by the media, our peers, teachers, and even by our family. They fed us with false beliefs and illusions, either because they didn’t know any better or because it had a purpose.

However I am not here to find out if all these lies they told us had a purpose or not. I am here to break these illusions, and that’s what SHATTERED is for. The Maxims in this book are there to remove the illusions and to become more in tune with reality.

Living in tune with reality and seeing things for how they are, no sugar coating, no playing it down, that’s how we should live. See things for how they really are that’s what we should aim for.

It is time to get some of these false beliefs out of your belief system and that’s what SHATTERED is for. The Maxims covered in those 6 Chapters will help you to get in line with reality and to nurture that relationship, it’s time to break illusions.

By incorporating the Maxims of SHATTERED into your life you will get a clearer outlook on life and several facets of it. The Maxims will get you to think and make some things clear.

There are chapters about the Truths of Life, breaking Illusions and false beliefs, Maxims about Winning, Warfare and Leadership, Maxims about Emotions, truths about Men, Women and Relationships, and miscellaneous Maxims that otherwise wouldn’t have made it into the book but are very good nonetheless.

At the end of SHATTERED you’ll make up your mind and put things together to live a life very close to reality that others might never achieve.

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