Cyberside: Beta by Aleksey Savchenko & Bert Jennings

Cyberside: Beta by Aleksey Savchenko & Bert Jennings

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Classic Cyberpunk with some refreshing twistsSet in a dystopian future, humanity has escaped the decaying physical landscape of Earth by transferring its collective conciseness into the digital world known as the Cyberside. Though designed to be a utopia, the Cyberside has quickly devolved into a chaotic, dangerous digital landscape. The story follows two main characters: a monster hunter, James Reynolds, and an “information vampire”, Matilda. James has lived his entire life in the Cyberside as his stoic, no-nonsense persona, “Taciturn.” Matilda, on the other hand, is a frenzied bundle of emotions and desires.Originally hired to eliminate the Matilda, James finds himself at the center of a diabolical conspiracy. Together they will journey to reload the supervising AI System and unveil the mystery behind its original architecture.A world to explore, a message to consider…Cyberside is a science fiction novel that explores human emotions. Written with a focus on characters as much as technology, Cyberside is an allegorical take on the role of progress and technology in the modern world; while focusing on recapturing humanity in an otherwise cold, often inhuman landscape. It’s a journey through the tech ridden world of the Cyberside through the eyes of two disparate characters thrust into an adventure together.

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