The Awakening: Fate in Motion by Suzanne Boisvert

The Awakening: Fate in Motion by Suzanne Boisvert

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Exiled from Earth thousands of years ago, Sar is hiding and waiting in our Galaxy.Manipulating the dark side of humanity and controlling many government leaders, he has now found the way back in.But, what does he really want?When Lanie Montrose ascended to the top of the music charts she felt an even deeper void within. Just when she began to feel free from the shackles of fame, she finds herself locked in a strange hospital with no idea of how she got there. Hidden memories emerge of an age-old foe from a distant world overwhelming her with more questions about her past and fate.Dr. Suki Carter has never been able to settle the desire to protect her lost and lonely patient, Lanie. Then, one touch of her grandfather’s clock opened a new consciousness. Lanie is not who she says she is and there is something otherworldly about that eerie clock.On the East Coast, a secret journal is found with bizarre entries reminding CIA agent James Sinclair of the unbelievable conspiracy stories from his estranged mother. Alien Beginnings…The shadow government…Now, his skeptic mind needs answers.Critical clues have been scattered, woven into the fabric of our history and genetic code. Powerful gifts are strategically hidden inside of us all. Our protectors have prepared for this moment.The Awakening has begun…Sar is close…Our fate is in motion.

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