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This guide provides insights for how business managers measure and monitor the financial health of their businesses. Managers will understand that neglecting to take control of their business’ revenue, risks and returns are sure recipes for mediocre performance—and in many cases their business’ demise.

All You Can Eat is compact with only 256 pages of real-business application, Fitness Workouts, Fitness Nuggets, and Fitness Trackers, in addition to a comprehensive glossary and a sample financial analysis. Discover a wide range of topics from revenue and cash management, profit, financial analysis, capital raising, risk management, credit management, projections, business valuation and taxes. It’s time to feast with optimism!

To order your copy of All You Can Eat visit ( Over the next 70-days, one dollar from each paperback sale will go towards the Hurricane Relief efforts in Howell’s native Caribbean and other impacted areas.

About Kevin Howell, MBA: Howell is a serial entrepreneur, adjunct professor, and small business owner. He is a trained accountant with over 20 years of experience and education in accounting and finance. He serves as the CEO and founder of the Anchor Group, GO Caribbean, and The AYCE Network. Howell has trained over 2,000 business owners in New York City and the Caribbean over the past eight years in several areas of business management. His mission is to change how entrepreneurs and business managers measure, monitor and advance the financial health of their businesses.

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