Second Chance: Surviving The Battles of Cancer Kindle Edition

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Second Chance is written to create awareness on cancer. It is a resource for cancer survivors, fighters and caregivers on how to identify signs and symptoms, and cope with the advent of cancer and its fallout. In this book, you will find the authors perspectives on the relationship between medical science and faith, and their importance to the treatment of cancer. It also shows the place and importance of family, friends and community when going through cancer treatment.
Many times, the primary caregiver is overlooked especially when the caregiver is a spouse. This book also gives an insight into the live of a caregiver and the stress they go through in their efforts to support the cancer patient.
Lastly, the book talked about the life of a survivor as an opportunity of a second chance to live. An opportunity that is not a right but a special privilege to reorder one’s life.

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