Nocturna League (Episode 1: The Witching Book) (Alternative Fantasy Short Story) by Kell Inkston

Nocturna League (Episode 1: The Witching Book) (Alternative Fantasy Short Story) by Kell Inkston

nocturna league
Avast! Welcome aboard the M.S. Nocturna, a ship on the nether reaches of an exotic ocean in search of hidden treasure and witchy artifacts.

Join the eldritch crew of scallywags, sea-creatures, and a fearless captain who will stop at nothing to get a magical book that lies in the hands of an ancient, treacherous witch – Vuuya.

The journey takes the fantastical crew to a mystical island of unimagined deceit and adventure. All is not as it seems as they encounter a village, and a people from a different time, determined to protect and preserve the very thing the pirates of the Nocturna have come to claim.

You bet your barnacles it’s a rollicking fun adventure, with plenty of robust thrills and sea-going turns to satisfy the hardiest of pirate-loving souls. Meet Colette, a sharp-shooting sea-lass destined to captain her own ship, Dunklestein, a great-white deckhand, and Jim, perhaps the strangest of them all with a terrible secret bound to his arm.

Download the short story today and sail the high seas with a motley crew and a captain on the edge. Sanity will be tested as the crew’s attacked in both mind and body- will they have the determination to survive? Will Jim ever catch a break? Will Dunklestein prove his strength? Will Colette show herself to be a true part of the crew? Will The Captain strike a handsome and daring pose at the time of their victory?! Surely, this is an uncompromising alternative fantasy series that demands attention from only the most discerning of sea-worthy eyes!

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