If I Only Knew by Author IDA M Wilson

If I Only Knew by Author IDA M Wilson

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Author: IDA M. Wilson

Past loves have a way of resurfacing at the most inconvenient possible time, as self-made mogul Randy Scott is about to discover. It’s the last thing he needs after a chance meeting with beautiful Alisa uncontrollably sprouts into a passion he has never known. They are so perfect together; he is willing literally to bet his life on their promising future.

That, of course, is when Randy’s ex-fiancée returns to the scene, and she’s packing more than physical temptation this time. She knows just how to tug at Randy’s deepest emotional turmoil and run him through a gauntlet of temptations even Randy doesn’t know he is vulnerable to.

But what neither of them know is Alisa is harboring a secret of her own—and a particularly deadly one. If It comes out, all three will suddenly find themselves in much more serious peril than a primal love triangle.

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