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Heimat is a sweeping historical novel set in extraordinary times that follows the life of a German immigrant as he makes his way in America.
In 1929, Matthias travels from his hometown of Neisse, Germany, to America, dreaming of opening a bakery. On the voyage, he meets other Germans, all moving for different reasons, as well as an American diplomat returning home from a mission.

This sets the stage for lifelong friendships, as Matthias struggles to find his place in his adopted country, first working in restaurants, later in a shipyard and finally realizing his dream of owning a bakery.



Heimat is a captivating historical epic of post-World War One Germany through World War Two, its aftermath, and the Cold War. A mother despaired she would never see her son again when he emigrated to the US from the economically distressed and dispirited post-World War One Germany in 1929. Like many immigrants during the Great Depression and Prohibition, the son found the American dream elusive.

As his mother’s letters praised Hitler and advocated Nazi policies that improved Germany’s economy and reinvigorated the country’s national pride, he occasionally considered returning. Heimat portrays the conflict of German immigrants in the US at war with their homeland during the cataclysm of World War Two.

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