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“A fast moving, engaging tale in what promises to be an epic fantasy romance series,” Kirkus Reviews.


The first time Chancery’s twin sister tried to kill her was on their ninth birthday. In the intervening years, nothing improved. In fact, Judica stabbed her hand with a fork just this morning so she could take the last pancake.

Then Judica threw it to her dog.

But Chancery has a secret.

She’s been watching their people’s finest warrior for years while she was supposed to be studying. He’s gorgeous, powerful, and a genius in all military applications—flawless in every way. Chancery thinks he may like her, too.

But he’s supposed to marry her evil twin, because their mother chose Judica as her heir, the future empress of one-sixth of the earth.

Chancery, sick of all the drama, decides to run away from court to live among the humans, but the day before she’s supposed to leave, she’s helping her prepare for a ball. She tries on her mother’s royal ring and the staridium stone reacts to her. She inadvertently fulfills an ancient prophecy of the woman who will unite the six families and save the entire world.

There’s no way her mother’s going to let her leave now, and things just became much more complicated.

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