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Cody Haskins is a horse trainer trying to forget his mistakes. But Cody’s biggest mistake might be Morgan Westcott’s salvation.


Morgan is watching her dream slip away. Burned in love and with no family left to lean on, she is trying to build an equine therapy program from scratch in her little hometown. But it’s hard to get anyone to take her seriously. Help is hard to come by, funding is running low, and the writing is on the wall. And she’s just lost her best therapy horse.

Cody is still smarting from his divorce, but he finally has his dream job. He’s risen to become one of the top cow horse trainers in the nation, and now he’s riding for the famous Walker Ranch Brand—the family that took him in when he was a kid. But when an accident leaves a special horse’s future in jeopardy, and lets down the most important people in his life, Cody blames himself.

When Cody and Morgan team up to salvage both of their dreams, they discover something they never expected—a second chance at love. But old wounds are slow to heal. Will the disappointments of their pasts keep repeating themselves? Or can two people who never belonged anywhere else find a home together?

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