Cul-De-Sac: A Fantastic Tale of Intrigue and Hidden Secrets by Bestselling ... Price:  Original price was: $9.99.Current price is: $0.00. (as of 05/06/2024 21:10 PST- Details)

If you enjoyed Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, then you’ll love P.S. Power’s new novel. Buy now before the price changes and experience the power of this thrilling adventure!


Discover a world beyond what you can imagine in P.S. Power’s thrilling new adventure. Jacob Hines is thrust into a mysterious and strange walled community where secrets are kept and dangers lurk around every corner. Accused of the murder of his parents, Jake is taken in by his grandparents, or so it seems. With a mysterious power living inside of him, Jake must fight to protect the secrets of the world and his own mind. Will he be able to escape this impossible world before it’s too late?

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