How To Write Strong Characters In Your Novel

How To Write Strong Characters In Your Novel

Characterization- the sole element that defines the true success of a book. Without the adaptation to the creation of a proper character for the story, the book loses its charm. It just a draft with no appeal or connectivity. The process to create a character is a bit tricky. Each book writer follows a different approach to create his character.

For instance, Dan Brown in his Master Class session stated that to make the main character of your story. You need to first define your villain. Now the traits that villain possesses and the hurdles that character will create is going to shape the personality of your hero. Your hero must be a person who has the courage to fight with the evil villain that means he should be brave and courageous. Similarly, as he begins to overcome the hurdles your violin puts in his way, he gradually unleashes his maximum capabilities thereby highlighting the traits he possesses.

The Japanese Method

If you have seen the Manga cartoons or characters, you must be aware of the fact that they look totally different. The manga artist creates a single character after pondering on its every aspect of the personality. They come up with the birth date first and for that; they check the zodiac star of that character to define his personality traits. From head to toe, they analyze every inch of the personality when working with the Bookwriting INC and somehow each aspect is correctly represented in their stories. The person who is born in January is required to respond and think the way an actual person of that month would do. Such is the level of perfection seen in manga characters.

Tone and Voice

Now coming back to the normal characters, the tone and voice of each one of them should be according to the role given to them. The body language should reflect the characterization. Do not label them in any way. The perfect demonstration is when a reader naturally gets the idea of how different each character is. You cannot dictate the traits by mentioning them right at the start of your novel.

Avoid Clichés

Just to please your audience you cannot follow what others have been doing. For instance, not every stepmother is a picture of horror and not every maid can look gorgeous just be dressing up nicely like Cinderella. So, you need to stay close to reality. You need to be on some practical grounds if you want to achieve better outcomes. You must distinguish your characters in terms of personality and traits.From the way they act, walk, respond, and behave, they should motivate the readers and inspire them in one way or other. You need to break the stereotypes and bring something that the world has never seen before. Add more sense to your story and show a gradual change in the personality of your character. Your readers should feel that the character has grown up in terms of metal approach and health.

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