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Author: Julia Tanner

Gemma isn’t the typical 18-year-old girl. She only cares about two things: keeping herself alive and avenging her mother’s death. Three years earlier, Gemma’s mother was murdered. She believes the mafia is behind it because her mother was involved with the mafia’s loan sharks. Gemma takes justice into her own hands when she kills the godfather’s right-hand man, Giovanni.

Godfather Vincent is a powerful man with 100 men under his command. They now have a common goal: killing the one who wronged them. Vincent wants to put an end to the vigilante who is killing mafia members, and Gemma wants to forever silence the Godfather. Gemma must kill and manipulate her way to revenge.

As she seeks out her own idea of justice, she finds an unexpected ally. If she fails to kill the Godfather, her vigilante days might be over. Over with her death.


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