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Jackson was the last person Chelsea wanted to see.

After Chelsea finds herself with a broken heart and a broken engagement, she has no idea what to do with herself. With not much else in her hands, she returns to her childhood home and is reunited with the one person who has been like a dad to her.

However, that same man is the father of her former best friend, Jackson.



Does coming back to her hometown mean that Chelsea is forced to reconnect with Jackson? If it does, will old wounds be able to finally mend?

When Jackson heard Chelsea was back, he didn’t know what to think. She had been his best friend, but there was no way they could go back to the way they were. But then he sees her.

She’s captivatingly beautiful–but still harboring hurt feelings from the past. Luckily, Jackson has his own sexy girlfriend to help keep him distracted.
All he has to do is keep his distance from Chelsea, and everything should be alright.

However, when Jackson and Chelsea find themselves thrown together into situations, they’d rather not be in at all, tempers and temptations rise.

Can Jackson and Chelsea reconcile their past hurts and discover something sweet launch them into unknown territory?

Or will their past be the ultimate stumbling block for a blissful future?

Find out in In Tune with the Handyman!


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