The Silver Touch by Rosalind Laker

The Silver Touch by Rosalind Laker

the silver touchIn 1761 Hester Bateman became the first woman to register her own silver hallmark.
But how did an illiterate orphan, sent to work in her half-brother’s tavern in the Strand, become recognised as one of England’s finest silversmiths?

Rosalind Laker imaginatively traces Hester’s journey from rags to riches, obscurity to renown against the backdrop of 18th Century London.

From the moment flame-haired Hester meets John Bateman, a goldsmith’s apprentice, both of their lives change forever.

Hester ignites a passion in John that threatens to unsettle his lofty aspirations.

For John is already engaged to his Master’s daughter and Hester’s pregnancy could spell the end to all his professional ambitions.

The resolution to Hester and John’s star-crossed love is only the beginning of a story of determination and struggle.

‘The Silver Touch’ is an evocative slice of London life and one spirited woman’s journey to success against the odds.

It is a tale of love, artistry and true devotion, based on the remarkable life of one indomitable woman.

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