The Master Money Key by Brian Brooks

The Master Money Key by Brian Brooks

the master money keyBrian L. Brooks is a 32 degree Freemason and Master of the Royal Secret. This bold and groundbreaking book challenges current thinking with regard to making money with the Laws of Attraction and presents an alternative view, drawing upon a principle taught within Thelema, Metaphysics, Freemasonry and a host of other spiritualities, philosophies and fraternities worldwide.
‘The Master Money Key’ will show you how we all have the power that we need to affect positive change in our lives; particularly in relation to money and our finances. Contrary to widely held beliefs, Brian L. Brooks demonstrates, through sound research and a compelling argument, that the source of this power is not hidden, nor does it need to be attracted from somewhere out in the universe; it is, in actual fact, already an inherent part of us.

This new and innovative approach to esoteric and occult philosophy will reveal how anyone can make money, whatever their current financial situation or state of mind. In his revolutionary guide, Brian L. Brooks will introduce you to the forgotten principles that lay buried within today’s repackaged esotericism that will, with mathematical certainty, cause you to prosper, and rid you of your money worries for good.

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