The League (The Post-Humans Book 1) by Thurston Bassett

The League (The Post-Humans Book 1) by Thurston Bassett

Humanity doesn’t accept people that are different. Even the most amazing abilities make the public uneasy. That is why The League is disbanded.
There are people everywhere in this world that are a little bit different to the rest, but we never notice them, because if we did, we would be afraid of what they could do. The League was a group of young people with special abilities and ambition to make their city a safer place. But when one of them is killed during a mission they lose their resolve and go their separate ways.
Athan Harper was one member of The League and he still lives a quiet life in the shadows and in a dimension that links the minds of all normal humans. When he decides to use his gifts to help some coma patients wake up, he discovers that their dreams aren’t what they seem and that it is part of an extensive corporate plan that has been in the making for decades. He must locate his friends and find this new enemy. One evil man’s ambition will fullfil an ancient prophecy and tear holes in the fabric of reality. Athan will discover that the world is not what it seems and that humans aren’t the only intelligent life in the universe.

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