The Dreamer’s Mind by Pavel Jonas

The Dreamer’s Mind by Pavel Jonas

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“I cannot understand why I dream such real dreams “, says young Kevin and that sentence repeats itself constantly throughout the exciting stories, until the moment when he accepts his vivid imagination as an integral part of himself.

The novel “The Dreamer’s Mind ” is an escape into dreams and imagination. He intertwines the sequence of events by closing his eyes and subsequent awakening. The story takes us through various epochs and situations, where he is on a pirate ship one moment, in a spaceship the next; in which he experiences the horror of the World War II, or he is in a war with the High Elves. Deeply experienced emotions and a clear vision of events are so strong that they blend and mix with the real world. Fast turnovers, short sentences, moving from one frame to the next, from an event to experience, easily bring to life the beauty and confusion of dreams, where everything is possible.

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