The Police Mistress
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Esmeralda married Simeon Tedding, the man that every woman desires, they started a family and everything seemed perfect. However, there was a genuine fear in Esmeralda’s heart that a problem would arise between herself and Simeon. She knew well and good that life wasn’t that rosy, she could only pray that if they ever did have one of those problems, she wouldn’t cower under pressure. Her fear will soon become a reality. It is said that when your worst fear becomes a reality then you truly realize how strong you are, but what happens when an event in your life surpasses your worst fear? Esmerelda was definitely not ready for such an event! This is greater than her worst fear, she will be pushed a million miles beyond her limits. Her husband Simeon makes one bad decision and everyone suffers the consequences along with him. This was a catastrophic event that would leave an indelible wound in the hearts of his loved ones, leaving the family in their darkest days. Esmeralda was a strong woman but perhaps this problem was too much for her to handle. Her life was ruined and it seems impossible to repair! To add insult to injury she was accused and would now be seen as a vindictive revengeful crazy woman with no compassion, surely Esmeralda did not see this coming. Even though Esmeralda was innocent she took responsibility for the mistake of her husband and felt as if she failed her family. Perhaps the pressure was too great and now she was in denial, probably soon to become senile. Will Esmeralda and her family ever recover from such a traumatic event? Or will they remain in a despondent state never to experience joy as before because of the haunting painful memories from an unforeseeable event? Esmerelda went through hell, If you think getting cheated on is terrible, wait till you find out what happened to her, this is worse than cheating. There is possibly no word to describe her anguish.

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